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Automated Cards Packaging Machine, Heat Sealing (8000pcs/Hour), WT-007BZJ

Card Packaging Machine

Automated Cards Packaging Machine, Heat Sealing (8000pcs/Hour), WT-007BZJ

WT-009MQJ Book Inner Page Die Cutting Machine is suitable for cutting the inside pages of books. Unlimited product shape, die cutting products.The position is precise and the operation is simple and convenient. The machine uses a wooden knife die to cut pages. The equipment is suitable for the production of various on-board books, hardcover books and other products.

    Wentong’s card packaging machines are primarily designed for packaging of paper or PVC plastic cards with diverse sizes, such as scratch cards, prepaid cards, SIM cards, membership cards and game cards. Our card packaging machine allows both individual packaging and continuous strip packaging of cards. In addition, machine vision inspection system is optional.

    This automated packaging machine is a heat sealing equipment used for closing card packaging bags and pouches, suitable for a wide range of cards, such as packaging prepaid cards, game cards, IC cards, SIM cards, etc.

    Finished Product Sample

    Automated Cards Packaging Machine, Heat Sealing0o5
    • Combining functions of film unwinding, card feeding, card packaging, and card collection;
    • Suitable for paper cards and PVC cards with thickness over 0.15mm;
    • Utilizing BOPP film with thickness over 0.025mm
    • Heat sealing process provides high operation speed and reliable closure;
    • Automatic inspection of card shortage and double pieces in each package, the machine will immediately stop and actuate alarm when any fault occurs;
    • Individual packaging or continuous strip packaging of cards are available, the quantity of cards in collection section can be pre-set;
    • Dual sealing molds are adopted for higher efficiency, which are easy to changeover, packaging bag size is adjustable;
    • Machine vision inspection system is optional, it can inspect and read serial number and bar-code of cards;

    Technical Parameters

    Power supply

    AC 380V/50 HZ

    Card size


    Total power



    PLC control + servo/stepper motor

    Air source

    6 kg/cm2

    Operators needed


    Air consumption

    Approx. 30L/min



    Packaging film material

    BOPP film,OPP film,PLA film,etc.

    Packaging film thickness


    Sealing method

    Heat sealing



    Card materials

    Paper card, PVC, ABS, PET, PVC/ABS composite materials, etc.


    The automatic packaging machine is the future development trend. It is characterized by high packaging efficiency, stable packaging quality, easy management, food -grade materials is safe and non -toxic, easy to clean, long service life, and durable.

    Therefore, more and more enterprises pay attention to automatic packaging machines. Full automatic packaging machine can reduce the operating costs of the enterprise and improve production efficiency. The fully automatic packaging machine is invented to increase the automation and mechanization of the factory and save labor.

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